Dr. Agnieszka Zawislak


I provide wide range of gynaecological services. You will experience a relaxed, friendly atmosphere at your visit. You can be ensured that your problems will be treated with sensitivity and compassion.

I will provide time and space for you to talk in confidence about your gynaecological problems and concerns. I believe in holistic approach to woman's health as problems rarely exist in isolation.

Common gynaecological problems

I offer comprehensive care for the wide range of gynaecological problems including

    Problem with periods
      Heavy, irregular, painful periods
      Lack of periods
      Bleeding between periods
      Bleeding after intercourse

    Vulval and vaginal problems
      Pain, burning
      Troublesome discharge

    Menopausal problems
      Postmenopausal bleeding
      Painful intercourses
      Lack of sexual desire

    Early pregnancy problems
      Nausea and vomiting
      Recurrent miscarriage

    Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

    Premenstrual syndrome

Urogynaecological service

I have a particular interest in disorders of the pelvic floor resulting in prolapse, urinary and faecal incontinence.

    Uterine prolapse
    Vaginal prolapse
    Bladder problems
    Bladder pain
    Urgency and frequency
    Recurrent urinary infections
    Post-delivery problem with continence


My service includes routine well woman checks
    cervical smear screening, enhanced with HPV (human papilloma virus) testing
    ovarian screening
    menopausal health screening including advice on HRT and osteoporosis screen
    advice on contraception
    sexual health checks including extensive range of STD tests

Our services