Dr. Agnieszka Zawislak

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Menopause means simply the last menstrual period. The phase of life after the last menstrual period is called postmenopausal. This is a very important phase in woman's life and should not be neglected. Statistically almost one third of woman's life happens after the menopause! This should be the great time of woman's life; time to enjoy life to the full. Understanding the changes that menopause brings will allow you to take control of what is happening to your body. Simple life style and dietary adjustments may have big influence on your wellbeing. There are many issues that need discussion such as management options for the common menopausal symptoms: hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings. Many women also experience very distressing sudden memory lapses, anxiety attacks or depression and are unaware that these may be part of the big picture. Lack of sexual desire is common causing additional problem with self-esteem and overall ageing issues. Osteoporosis may hamper you physical activity unless due care is given.

We have much to offer to help and guide you go through the menopause with as little distress as possible. The problem of menopause requires truly holistic approach to restore or maintain your wellbeing.

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