Dr. Agnieszka Zawislak

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Early pregnancy problems

When your period is late and pregnancy test positive it is only natural to want confirmation of the on-going pregnancy. This can be done by the ultrasound examination. It is advisable to wait until 6 weeks from the first day of you last period to have scan. Very early scan may not give the definitive answer as the size of pregnancy sac is extremely small and often difficult to see. In very early pregnancy you may need to have an internal scan. Sometimes more than one scan is needed to give the final diagnosis. A scan in first trimester will help to establish dates of delivery, and check how many babies are developing. The most common problem in first trimester of pregnancy is nausea and vomiting called morning sickness. Occasionally vaginal bleedings occur; these are very distressing but not always herald miscarriage.

We can offer you a viability and dating scan to confirm that pregnancy is on-going and confirm accuracy of your dates. We can also help to manage morning sickness.

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