Dr. Agnieszka Zawislak

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Menorrhagia - heavy periods

Menstrual periods are regular occurrences in woman's life. With the breaks for pregnancies a woman experiences menstrual bleeding every 28 to 31 days. The bleeding lasts about 5 days and more likely than not is associated with crampy lower abdominal pain and back ache. Blood loss varies greatly from one woman to another. Blood loss which interferes with your life is most likely too heavy. Passing clots, experiencing flooding, inability to use tampons due to excessive blood flow, necessity to change clothes or bed linen due to soiling most likely mean that your periods are very heavy. Heavy bleeding called menorrhagia can happen at any time of your life but is more common when you are in your 40s. Most of the menorrhagia cases are thought to be related to changes in hormone balance. Occasionally menorrhagia may have different cause such as fibroids. All cases of heavy bleeding should be checked.

We can offer you diagnostic and therapeutic procedures to deal quickly and efficiently with heavy periods.